Carl Derving
Co-founder & Managing Director

As joint founder and Managing Director of the company, Carl is responsible for the commercial and legal aspects of the business and is the driving force behind its growth and development.

Carl’s background is in accounting having joined the profession shortly after leaving school and has worked his way up through the ranks, currently occupying a full-time role of Head of Finance at blue chip food manufacturer, Green’s Desserts UK, and a part-time role running his own business advisory firm, Yorkshire Consulting Group.

His interest in baking started from a young age, having been taught by his grandmother and later taking a keen interest at high school in Food Technology classes, even though he did not pursue this as a GCSE subject, favouring Electronic Products instead.

Like most people, Carl was not aware of medical conditions directly related to gluten such as Coeliac Disease or even the idea that food existed that had gluten and wheat specifically extracted. He was first made aware of this in 2010 when he started dating co-founder Gemma Goffin. Due to Gemma’s dietary requirements, it impacted where the couple chose to eat and the food that was purchased in the weekly supermarket shop, which was something that he previously never had to consider.

Since 2010, Carl has almost adopted a Gluten Free lifestyle only really deviating when eating alone and has assisted Gemma in baking the products the company sells.



Gemma Goffin
Co-Founder & Creative Director

As joint founder and Creative Director of the company, Gemma is responsible for the products that the business produces and sells, and their development.

Gemma’s background was predominantly in Hair & Beauty after leaving school and ran her own beauty business for a number of years before taking time out to travel around Australia and New Zealand. Upon her return, Gemma left the industry to work in the private care sector.

In 2005, Gemma was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and had to adapt her diet to exclude gluten and wheat, giving up many of the foods she had enjoyed throughout her life.

In 2013, Gemma co-founded Fussy Cakes, a Gluten Free celebration cake business with her friend (now sister-in-law), which did very well considering there was no marketing budget and relied primarily on word of mouth and their Facebook page.

Due to other commitments, Fussy Cakes was essentially decommissioned in 2015 and has now been absorbed into Gluten Free Bakery Co.